After years of helping people develop their brands’,
as well as building my own, I’ve found something
to be consistently true.


  • Imagine if you could find that super-laser focus, shed what’s holding back your business and make a living from that thing you love to do.
  • What if you could have someone guide you through the crazy minefield of branding so you could build a look that always pops, locks, Dougies or whatever dance craze is sweeping Youtube?
  • What if you could have an honest brand that was free of fraud, empty calories, and any snake oil merchant banter?

But you’re stuck with a Frankenstein brand (or as I like to call it, Frankenbrand), cobbled together from different styles, fonts and good intentions, which is attracting all the wrong people.

  • You’re staring at the screen, thinking you have to ‘be creative’, and you’re wondering where to start.
  • You’re tired of putting in time, effort and energy that ends up being totally wasted.
  • You can’t choose a direction, leaving you with a diluted message or no message at all

As a personal branding specialist and graphic designer,
I’ve helped people from all walks of life to peel back the layers and discover the brand underneath.

I truly believe it’s possible to:

  • Increase your confidence, radiate authenticity and leave the haters in the rearview mirror (including the ones in your head!)
  • Develop a unique sense of style that sends out a clear cohesive message everywhere people see it. Never be held back a sales page banner again.
  • Master the fiery demons of overwhelm, know exactly where to start and tap into an enthusiasm that keeps on giving.
  • Learn the fundamentals to tell your brand-story, shepherd your brand into a new age and never be held back by a muddled message again.
  • Understand your brand message inside and out and implement strategies that will get you traction online.

When you work with me I’ll share with you the most important things I’ve learnt about branding, storytelling, graphics, social media and online marketing.

As we work together I’ll keep you accountable and on track as you master your brand. I’ll help you uncover your core guiding principles and overcome the mental doubts that rattle your confidence and hold you back.

By the time we’re finished you’ll have connected your brand and business so they work as one, and be able to create content and resources that are in complete alignment.

Or, if you want to just poke around a little there are a few freebies on this site or you can come and join our free community, the Barefoot Hustle below ⬇️